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Dockwalkers FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions
Who are Dockwalkers?
Dockwalkers are volunteers who inspire and educate boaters and other recreators to be safe and environmentally sound while boating on the Delta. Dockwalkers distribute boater kits filled with useful educational materials and have conversations with individuals while visiting marinas, boat launch ramps, boat shows, and other events.

How do Dockwalkers help?
The efforts of Dockwalkers increase boater awareness about clean and safe boating, thus improving the recreation experience in the Delta while helping to preserve its precious wildlife habitat and water quality. There are over 500 Dockwalkers statewide who have distributed more than 47,000 boater kits since 2000

How do I become a Delta Dockwalker?
To become a Dockwalker, please contact the California Coastal Commission and the California Department of Boating and Waterways' Boating Clean and Green Campaign at (415) 904-6905. You can also sign up for a free training class. Eligible participants must be at least 15 years old. The program can document community service hours.

What Is a boater kit?
The boater kit is a tool used to educate boaters about clean and safe boating. The kit consists of an organic cotton tote bag featuring the program's spokes-fish, Stanley the striped bass, a ski flag, a waterproof Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Map for Recreational Boating, an oil absorbent pillow with zip-tie and instructions, a Northern California tide book, and the Department of Boating and Waterways' pamphlets ABC's of the California Boating Law, Clean Boating Habits, and Personal Flotation Devices. All boaters can receive a boater kit after completing a brief questionnaire. The questionnaire will provide the Keep the Delta Clean Program with useful information to identify gaps in environmental services and better target future boater education efforts.

How can I order boater kits?
You will receive a boater kit during the Dockwalker training class. Boater kits can also be ordered online or by contacting the Keep the Delta Clean Program.

What is a recreational boater questionnaire?
All boaters who receive a Boater Kit during the 2008 boating season must complete a brief and anonymous recreational boater questionnaire. The information is used to improve the program, better understand boater behavior, and identify gaps in terms of safe and clean boating education and services. Learn more about how to conduct the questionnaire.

What is the West Marine jacket contest?
In recognition of Dockwalkers' good work and dedication, West Marine will donate jackets for the three Dockwalkers who return the most completed boater questionnaires during the 2008 boating season. Learn more about the Dockwalker jacket giveaway.

Where can I Dockwalk?
You can Dockwalk on your own at Delta marinas, boat launch ramps, and fuel docks or participate at local boating events such as boat shows, fishing derbies, poker runs, fairs, and other boating events. If you would like to help at an upcoming events, please contact the Keep the Delta Clean Program or visit the Clean and Green Boating Program website.

Learn more about Dockwalkers from the Boating Clean and Green Program.